The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX2540 M6 is a dual-socket x86 system that delivers the latest in performance, usability, and expandability in a compact 2U chassis. The PRIMERGY RX2540 M6 forms the standard in every modern data center and enables the running of nearly every workload from the most basic to business-critical applications


1x PY RX2540 M6 16x 2.5′ PFR w/o Expander Rack based server 19″” (2U), BU without processor and RAM, without hot plug power supply module, 3×2 hot plug fans redundant; RMK optional; dual systemboard for Xeon processor and 32 slots for registered DDR4 ECC RAM; iRMC S5 onboard server management incl. graphics controller and 10/100/1000MBit Service LAN port,Chipset Intel C621A; flexible LAN Controllers with OCPv3 compliant card connections, RAID0/1-Controller for 8 SATA-HDDs onboard, Modular 8/16-Port RAID Controller optional


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