1x PY TX1320M4/LFF/Std. PSU “Tower base unit without processor and RAM, incl. 1 standard power supply module 250W, 2 lockable front covers, standard fan; systemboard D3673 based on Intel C246 PCH, Socket for Dual Core Pentium/Core i3, Quad Core Xeon Processor and 4x Sockets for DDR4 UDIMM; iRMC S5 onboard server management incl. graphics controller and Service LAN port; 6 port SATA controller (for HDD + DVD) and 2×1 Gbit Ethernet LAN onboard; 2 drive bays for eay change


The unique ultra-compact FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1320 M4 has advanced technology ideal for most industry verticals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), spaceconstrained environments, retail premises or branch offices. The performance-oriented yet costeffective mono-socket design supports the latest Intel® Xeon® E-2100 product family processors, affordable Intel® Core™ i3, Pentium®,Celeron® processor options plus up to 64GB RAM at 2,666 MT/s to boost performance for appropriately sized standard business workloads, including virtualized ones


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